In Memory of Lucinda White – Donations Needed

This is a rare personal post, but a family I love dearly needs help and I feel like the least i can do is use my corner of the internet for that purpose.

A few days ago, the only sister of my dearest friend passed away. The investigators believe that Lucinda was murdered by her boyfriend, who at first claimed she shot herself by accident. Lulu leaves behind three children, in addition to a devastated family.

From her sister: I wish I could say this was a good evening for myself and my family—but it is not. Yesterday, my only sister, Lucinda White passed away. The timing of her death is completely unexpected and unprepared.She has 3 boys— all under the age of 10. Many of our friends and family has asked “How can we help?”. At this time- we are trying to raise money to cover the cost of her funeral, as she did not have any insurance or supplemental benefits that would assist with such. If you can find it in your heart to help us at this time—- your generosity and support is greatly appreciated. Please keep us in your hearts and prayers through this difficult time. 

I have set up a Paypal account to accept donations of any amount. Please copy the link into your internet address bar and it should open. Please let me know if there are issues with using it. Thank you again.

Here is the link for the paypal account.

Here is the link to the news story about her murder. 

If you have any questions please contact me here or on twitter @xicacha.  Thanks so much to all of you who read and are able to donate or just send a prayer their way.

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