Shikagoland Presents: #ThickNeckedWhiteBoo Wednesday


Alternate Title: Shikagoland is ridiculous.

A few weeks ago over on Twitter, where I am during all that time I could be using to make blog posts, something magical. Prompted by my sudden love for Channing Tatum I purchased a copy of Vanity Fair magazine, which featured his beautiful face…photoshopped beyond recognition.

It happens.

When I took to Twitter to express my joy over this purchase I offhandedly created the tag #ThickNeckedWhiteBoo…and the seeds were planted. This soon grew to become #ThickNeckedWhiteBoo Wednesdays. A glorious weekly appreciation of the few, the proud, the pale-faced and thick-necked.

Of course, this wasn’t without some initial controversy, but otherwise we’ve been having a damn good time of it.

Eventually it occurred to me that I should archive this magnificent catalogue of hotness for posterity and so I set about collecting all the tweets into a storify. Which meant looking at all those pics…again.

I bleed for my art, you guys.

So now I present a Shikagoland exclusive –  #ThickNeckedWhiteBoo Wednesday: The Complete Collection

(which I can’t actually embed on my site because Storify is kinda a hater…but its free so…)

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