1. So um. Why? 

I want to be the QUEEN OF ALL MEDIA (shourrout to Oprah). No, not really. I just like sharing my thoughts and I’d like to have a space where I’m also not talking about my ear itching or people I work with.

2. Do you make money doing this? 

LMAO. *chuckles and she types on her laptop with a enter key that doesn’t work*. Nah, son.

3. Are you twitter/tumblr famous?

I’m aware of the twitter/tumblr famous thing, which seems to be a bastard child of the whole BNF phenomenon from fandoms. I’m not. I have a handul of followers on various social media, comprised of mostly people I know. I’m ok with that.

4. Why don’t you update more? 

I have no attention span. I’m trying to be better. NO REGRETS!

5. I like when you post about x but I don’t really care about y. Post more about x. 

There are these things called categories. Use them.

6. You’re funny. I’d like to give you money/gifts/tokens of my affection. But i just need someone to accept a wire transfer from my deceased uncle’s bank in Nigeria. 

SWEET! Tokens and love to shikagoland@gmail.com . Bank transfers to kissmygrits@dudeyouneedmorepeople.com


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