Shikagoland Presents: Monday Man Candy


In an attempt to rectify the segregation created by #ThickNeckedWhiteBoo Wednesdays over on Twitter (get familiar) we here at Shikagoland (parent company of ThickNeckedWhiteBoo Inc.) introduce Man Candy Mondays. Instead of focusing on the parts we love (thick necks and, briefly ManThighs), ManCandyMonday focuses on the whole man. The tall man. The short man. The thick man. The Slim Man. The older man. The younger man. Just…MEN. 

Mr. Goodbar: Scott Eastwood. I’d let his father yell at every inanimate object in my apartment in exchange for easy access to Scott.

Scott3 ScottE ScottE2

Sugar Daddy: Idris Elba – No surprises here. Everybody Loves Idris. I like him best when you can hear that delicious accent of his.

823483_10151374845406051_1527032874_o-800x1200 Idris+Elba+GQ+Magazine+October+2013+1 Idris+Elba+GQ+Magazine+October+2013+3

Almond Joy: Derrick Rose – #TheReturn

Derrick Derrick-Rose derrick-rose-gq-photoshoot-3-624x431

Hershey Bar: John Cho – a classic treat.

1297415622272_ORIGINAL John+Cho+Star+Trek+LA+Premiere+2 John-Cho-in-Star-Trek-Into-Darkness-2013-Movie-Character-Banner

Atomic Fireball: The Rock – [redacted for explicit content]

119 reg_634.therock.jc.121812 the-rock-dwayne-johnson-2013-588x400-529x360

Junior Mint: Zac Efron – Zac has come a long way since his days prancing angrily on golf courses. 

BUZ28Q0IQAApD0g tumblr_mtl56mzQku1s4c0ypo1_500 zac-efron-the-falling

Milky Way: Blake Griffin – He plays for the wrong team but he’s so cute that I let that slide.

mag_mag15cover_005 blake_griffin_takes_it_all_off_for_espn_the_magazine Blake-Griffin

Didn’t see your favorite tasty treat listed above? Leave a comment or send a email to and let me know who you’d like to see on Monday Man Candy! It takes a village.

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