Food Hipster at Home: KFC

I’ve been a slacker.

But I got back into the kitchen tonight. Yay!

Yesterday afternoon I developed a hardcore craving for KFC – Korean Fried Chicken. I’m not a girl who fries things often (or ever) but KFC is so delicious that its worth it. Its basically the best fried chicken I’ve ever had. Tonight I made the chicken and siegumchi namul, which is a really quick and easy spinach side dish.

On to the show.

1st: blanch a bunch of spinach, rinse drain and chop.

Then, mix soy sauce, minced garlic, one chopped green onion and sesame oil in a bowl.

Drop in your spinach and mix. Boom. Done. So easy, right?

On to the chicken!

Its fine to use chicken wings or really any smallish pieces of chicken for this. I personally prefer to cut chicken breasts into chunks. After cutting the chicken I mix it with a beaten egg and then batter the chicken with a mixture of potato starch powder, sweet rice flour, baking soda, and all purpose flour.

Time to fry. The trick to the magic of KFC is frying the chicken twice. You fry your batch for about 10 minutes, take it out of the oil, let it sit for a minute and then put it back in to fry a second time. DELICIOUSNESS CREATED

While frying your chicken you can make the sauce which consists of red pepper paste, garlic, honey (or rice syrup), ketchup (yes ketchup) and apple cider vinegar.

Throw the garlic in a heated pan with canola oil, let it cook for a minute and then add the rest of the ingredients. Let simmer for 7 minutes.

After the sauce is done and you’ve completed your second (or third) fry toss the chicken with the sauce. The sauce is spicy with a hint of sweetness. So yummy.


In Korea, this isn’t really served as a main meal. Its usually served as a snack to nom on while gettin’ yo drink on. If I was keeping it real then I’d be pouring myself a glass of soju to drink.

But since its a school night I’ll just have a nice bottle of jarritos.

Tonight I served up the chicken with the spinach I cooked earlier, rice, and kimchi.Yay!

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