Shikagoland: The things making me happy this week

I have no rationale for posting this besides OMG TEH BABY HIPPO!!!!!!!!!

Its a short holiday week. Take a deep breath folks, we can do this.

There is a podcast put out by the fine folks at NPR that I occasionally listen to when I’m having trouble sleeping. Not because its boring, but because those measured steady NPR voices are so soothing and relaxing. Don’t pretend like you don’t know what I’m talking about. ANYWAYS, on the NPR Pop Culture Podcast at the end of the show they do a segment where they go around the table and list the things making them happy this week. So…I guess I’m stealing that today. Feels like a good way to start a holiday week, right?

Let’s go!

1. Psy goes Hammertime at the AMA awards – I used to be all in for awards shows of any kind, but I’ve found that as I get older, my tolerance for Hollywood circle jerks shrinks. Plus I’ve gotten to that golden period of life where you point at the tv and go “who the fuck are all these little kids? In my day music was GOOD” completely ignoring the fact that in my day we did the macarena and listened to *NSYNC. ANYWAYS, last night I suffered through the American Music Awards (the People’s Choice Awards for music basically) because Psy was performing (this is the time where I could remind everyone that I pegged “Gangnam Style” as the next big thing on this very blog back in July but whatever. Ya’ll don’t really hear me. You just wanna dance). Of course I had to suffer til the last five minutes of the show but…WORTH IT.

I had heard rumors about who was going to perform with Psy last night, and about an hour before it happened I had accepted that MC Hammer was going to ruin this for me. I’m willing to admit I was wrong. And yes, I’ve already purchased the official mashup on iTunes and YOU SHOULD TOO. PSY OPPA 대박!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2. This tweet

I don’t personally know Gabi. I follow her on Twitter and read her extremely awesome blog GabiFresh religiously and I think she is fab. What I’m saying is that I have no personal investment in her life, but when this tweet showed up on my timeline last night it immediately put a smile on my face. Not because I can relate (the only thing I’m currently in love with is the pan of brownies I have waiting on me at home), but because its just awesome to see a small but genuine expression of emotion while trudging through the sludge that twitter can be comprised of most of the time.

3. This song

And Spotify for bringing it to my life. I don’t listen to the radio these days so I rely on twitter and Spotify to alert me to things I should care about. Twitter recently put me up on to Kendrick Lamar and I CANNOT STOP listening to his newest album. “Backseat Freestyle” makes me wanna go do hoordat stuff with my friends. I’m gonna assume that its ok that instead I do a undignified jig in my kitchen to it while washing dishes.

Anyways, back to the above video, I’d heard of Macklemore before (one of athletes I stan for, JR Celski, stans for them…the circle of life) but hadn’t really checked out their music. I’m stubborn that way…and I really don’t listen to a lot of hip hop. But this song is the rare gem that emerged from the Spotify 100, which is usually overloaded with Drake and Justin Beiber songs. Its highly possible that everyone else has already heard of and gotten over this song. Whatever. I can’t be on the cutting edge of EVERYTHING. Yeesh.

4. Its almost Thanksgiving – I actually only care about this because I have a short week at work. Thanksgiving is never fun for me because I have to make Thanksgiving dinner. This is what happens when your mother doesn’t cook. Instead of going out on Black Wednesday and doing hoodrat stuff with my friends, I have to stay home and do Thanksgiving prep work. *sigh*

5. Seungri from Big Bang has a Twitter – and it is bringing me all the things I need. So far he has trolled “fake” Seungri Twitter feeds:


Instructed fan accounts to change their avatars…because he doesn’t like the pictures they used:


Reminded Ashton Kutcher that they met once:


And followed President Obama.  As one does.

Its worth noting that Seungri has had a twitter for all of 5 hours and has over 70 tweets. Those are rapidly approaching my kind of numbers. Maybe Seungri is my kpop kindred spirit? Am I a Strong Baby? Only time will tell.

So friends, what is making you happy this week? Let me know!

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