Shikagoland Is Not Here for Your Ryan Lochte Hate, Jezebel

So. This was re-tweeted into my Twitter timeline this afternoon.

A writer for the website Jezebel (if you think I’m linking to them, you’re a moron) has taken to the internet to solicit stories from women who have taken a ride on the Lochte One-and-Done (yes thats mine. I’m totes brilliant) and are willing to tell a random website all about it.

My initial reaction looked pretty much like this

Then I took to twitter

And now here we are.

Last week the obvious ploy for page hits topic du jour on all kinds of sites was the supposed douchebaggery of Ryan Lochte. Most of these stories (including one on Jezebel which titled him “America’s Sexiest Douchebag”) touched on his living arrangements (he’s 28 and lives with roommates! No mention that one of them is his brother), his clothing style (tacky? Maybe. Doesn’t make him evil), his blinged out grill (Lochte has been wearing grills in public at LEAST since Beijing so it amuses me that this is such a huge issue now), his favorite phrase (“jeah” for the uninitiated), his love of hip-hop music, and that he likes to draw.

Last week Ryan Lochte’s mother gave an interview where she stated that her son doesn’t have time for relationships and that he goes out on “one night stands”. Most of us saw that and either thought “oh, moms” or “where do I sign up?” But in certain circles this proved once and for all that Ryan Lochte is a frat boy douche, surely leaving a trail of tears and condom wrappers wherever he lay his grill. Ryan recently attempted to clarify his mother’s statements, basically saying “oh moms”  and that he doesn’t engage in one-night stands.

Look, I don’t know Ryan Lochte. I will never know Ryan Lochte (yes, I occasionally grip my pillow at night and cry bitterly over this fact). S0 frankly its none of my business who he bangs and with what frequency. What I do know is that an Olympic athlete with big corporate sponsors isn’t going to walk around saying “Why yes, I do fuck ALL the bitches. Why do you ask?” and thats fine with me. But not so with the folks at Jezebel who appear to be OUTRAGED because not only are they SURE that Ryan has one night stands, but clearly he owes it to us to air out his dirty laundry.

In the weeks leading up to the Olympics several news sites dug up that “been there, done that” story about how much the Olympic athletes get it on in the Olympic Village. The Jezebel post specifically quoted Hope Solo who talked about the partying and sexing in detail. This story was framed as a “well DUH” commentary on what would happen when a bunch of young, fit, beautiful people are placed in close quarters and given a chance to run wild for the first time in years.

In the same ESPN Magazine article that Jezebel pulled from, Ryan Lochte spoke about how he had a girlfriend during the Beijing games so he didn’t participate in the Sexcathalon, but that he was single this time and planned to medal. Jezebel takes issue with the fact that he said it was a “big mistake” to have a girlfriend at the time. Is it the most…tactful thing to say? No. But an article about people fucking indiscriminately isn’t exactly tactful to begin with so…

In conclusion: slut shaming is bad. Whether it comes from a “douchebag” or a “feminist” blog.


How could you hate him?

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