Shikagoland’s Summer Playlist

Oh, yannow. Just two bffs grooving to the tunes.

What? You thought I only listened to kpop?

Okay I totally listen to kpop 80% of the time but that is so not the point ok? Yeesh.

I can fully admit, that for the last few years I’ve fallen out of the loop with whats current in pop music. I stopped listening to Top 40 radio because LMFAO happened and EVERYONE started making rave music (*cough* Usher *cough*) and I tapped out. I get plenty of autotune and “untz untz” beats from Korea with the added bonus of insanely pretty people so I’m good. I go to Lollapalooza yearly to keep my street cred up, and my iPod is fully stocked with decent music from earlier times (yeah, I’m that snob) and basically, my musical needs were met.

But sometime last year the miracle app known as Spotify came into my life. Spotify, for the uninformed is…you know what, you’re on something with the internet. Google it. Yeesh. DO I HAVE TO DO EVERYTHING AROUND HERE!?


Anyways, Spotify is the way, the magic, and the light, and my premium subscription has allowed me to re-connect with whats going on in the music world.

I have learned so much! Like:

  1. I don’t actually hate Foster the People (after wanting to stab myself repeatedly during their set at Lollapalooza).
  2. Dubstep is terrifying and shouldn’t be listened to in the office (except for that one dubstep remix of Seven Nation Army. That shit KNOCKS)
  3. Pitbull makes Zumba music.
  4. Your playlist of 90s alt rock can be either horribly depressing or amazingly happymaking depending on your current mood. I miss the 90s.
  5. Your friends WILL look at your recently played tracks and then bust on you for listening to that ONE damn Beyonce song you like because it is your basic goal in life to destroy her they are evil.
  6. Privacy settings on playlists rule.
  7. On a stressful afternoon, yodeling along to Rihanna with your officemate is a great stress reliever. However, if you work in a school full of rude easily amused middle school children, its best to wait until after they’ve been dismissed to try this one out.

In that spirit, I have amassed a collection of songs/albums that I am digging hard right now. These are in no particular order.

1. fun.- Some Nights // this whole album is epic. I really wasn’t digging that “We Are Young” song because it seemed like something that would we be sang on Glee (Shikagoland’s official opinion as a hardcore former high school/college choir nerd is….F*ck Glee). My favorite song on the album (and its REALLY hard to choose) is “Some Nights”. Its a song thats fitting for all occassions: slaving away in the office, doing dishes, running on the track near your house and hoping those pesky young soccer players on the field inside it aren’t laughing at you…

2. Shakira – Addicted to You // I wasn’t all the way in the bag for Shakira’s most recent album Sale el Sol (I may or may not be one of those jerks who still listens to her unplugged album and longs for times long gone) but this song has brought me around. Feel free to writhe around in your heels and…granny panties…to this one. I won’t tell.

3. Ayy Ladies – Travis Porter feat. Tyga // I’m sorry. This is a song I’ve picked up via my zumba class. I don’t even know what they are saying. Basically, what Chris Rock said about women and rap music proves to be the rule in this case.

4. I Won’t Give Up – Jason Mraz // This song gives me so many feelings. Someone on Twitter said that this song made them want to fight for a relationship they weren’t even in and I agree totally. The first time I listened to this song I was sorting laundry…5 replays later I was lying on my back in my bedroom near tears…FOR NO REASON. The power of song and so forth.

5. Sail – Awolnation // Okay so you know when you’re listening to music and then you start writing a movie in your head with that music as the inspiration? So this song totally plays in the background when the insanely hot spy/assassin  (I’m thinking Lee Byung Hun, amirite ladies?) seduces his partner (of course their relationship is filled with tension of the hatesexy kind)…and then once its all over he pumps a bullet in her head cause she was the target all along. And angst and so forth…wait..what do you mean you don’t do this? Oh.

6. Feel So Close – Calvin Harris // I don’t have a lot of feelings about this song. I just like it. So sue me.

7. I Decided – Solange // The superior Knowles in my opinion. No, this song isn’t new but it has this breezy summery old school feel that makes me want to skip down the street in my cute yellowheels and wink at passerby. Not that I’ve done that or anything.

8. The English Room – Pet Lions //  I was randomly searching around on Spotify one night before bed and I landed on this song.  I then listened to the entire album three times straight while really wishing it wasn’t awesome so I could turn it off and go to sleep. This is the kind of hipster music that I generally don’t have much time for. My friend Megan used to make me cd upon cd of indie pop rock to try to convert me and I wasn’t having it. But I really love this album. I took to twitter (as I do) to express my love and…then this happened:

Which wasn’t embarrassing AT ALL.

There isn’t a video for The English Room, but here’s the band live in action at Lincoln Hall. Local bands make me happy.

9. Banagarang – Skrillex // If I were ever to be chillin’, eating FunDip while not giving a fuck? This is what I would listen to.

10. Katy Perry – Part of Me // LOL just kidding.

10. As I like to do, I’ve leaving this last spot to you, my few dear readers. What songs are making you want to writhe on top of a car like you’re in a Whitesnake video? How many of you are even old enough to get that reference? Let me know! Just be aware that submissions of any of these new boybands like One Most Wanted or whoever they are will be ignored because *NSYNC IS THE BEST BOY BAND OF ALL TIME OK!?



NEW BIG BANG (blows horn like DJ Clue)

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