Shikagoland Reorganizes and Kpop Song of the Day

Hello all!

After lots of careful consideration I have decided that I need to change some things around on ye olde’ blog. I started this to just be a dumping ground for my interests, sans personal stuff, but it would seem that the things I am drawn to writing about most are really in direct opposition of each other. This could not have become clearer after last week where I posted a picture of 2NE1’s CL as my kpop photo of the day….and then posted about  female genital mutilation a few hours later. Occasionally I feel like NOT posting some things because I feel like they don’t belong among the more serious topics. It seems like my readership (holla!) is pretty evenly split among people who get here via links passed around on twitter/FB/tumblr, usually about things pertaining to social issues, and those who arrive here via search results like “TOP Big Bang Fat” and “gdragon is hot”  (the best part of my day is reading those search terms. I’m not even kidding).  So, with that in mind…

I’m going to start another blog.

Because I need help.

Shikagoland will stay as is, with the hopes that I’ll be more regular about the Headlines, Sassy Dames of History, restaurant reviews/food writing, and a few other things I’ve been kicking around in my head. I’ll be moving topics regarding k-entertainment over to a new blog, and hopefully expanding beyond just screaming over new Big Bang songs. This is mostly inspired again by the trends I see on how people arrive to this site. For me its easy to assume that, since I’m sort of a newb to this whole thing myself, that other people have secured all their resources for Korean entertainment news. It occurs to me now, that I can be that kind of source for other people, namely us international fans. Duh.

So, lots of work to be done. I’m mostly puzzling a bit over the name site, and I have to get back to some of the awesome generous wonderful strangers and friends who have offered to help with logos and site design (really. I’m gonna get to that) and really buckle down on that front. I’m looking to launch the new site by June (look, I’m going on vacation in May. I’m just being realistic). Until then, I’ll still be throwing stuff up here because I just can’t help myself.

And since I don’t say it enough, thanks to all of you who take time out of your days to read what I post. I do this mostly to entertain myself, and I’m amazed and humbled that other people want to read it. GROUP HUG!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In other news:



Shinwha is back after a long hiatus. Their first video from this comeback is “Venus”.  You should watch it. And if you’re a grandma like me, you can revel in the fact that everyone in this group is over 30. I appreciate being able to stan for someone in kpop who is actually older than me for once. Yeesh.

Enjoy….but don’t go laying claim to Dong Wan. HE’S MINE, OK!?

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