Shikagoland Reads the Headlines

Its been a long time, I shouldn’t have left you. Without some silly articles to read through.

*diddy bops*

Santorum calls President Obama a “snob” for wanting Americans to go to college – Well. Actually The President wants people to…you know what. Fuck Santorum. Lots of people crack jokes about this based on the fact that ‘ol frothy here clearly believes in college for himself, seeing as how he has a Masters degree AND a Law degree. But I’m less inclined to joke because this is just…UNREAL in its level of entitlement. Surely Santorum doesn’t believe that wealthy white Christian kids shouldn’t go to college. I’m sure his wealthy white Christian children will have every opportunity to go wherever they want. There is something FAR more sinister going on. On the surface he’s just being a dick and trying to appeal to the backwards thinking sheep for whom the word liberal = communists who are going to take all my money and give it to them blacks/hispanics/etc. But really, what he’s saying is: lets not let just ANYONE think they can go to college and prosper. Some people just need to be poor. And we would prefer that those people be brown. So we can continue to live the dream and run the world. WHATEVA WHATEVA I DO WHAT I WANT.

2 Broke Girls had an Asian guy on –  No, not the one they use for racist humor. A hot one. Or something. And no, this is totally NOTHING like that time Friends caved to pressure about not having any black people on the show by casting Aisha Tyler in a completely pointless role. Nope. Totally different.

Alaskan Idiot: Obama Is of ‘Mulatto Race,’ Thus Not Eligible For Presidency – You remember that thing I said in the Santorum blurb about something more sinister going on underneath the surface? That applies here. The above gif also applies.

Yes, Another Fuckass “study” about black women – Let me sum it up for you. “Black women don’t hate themselves for not looking like Gisele and clearly thats some kind of problem”. Or something. See above gif.

Foursquare CEO: Not Just Check-Ins and Badges : Yeah, its also quite useful for stalking. Thanks for clearing that up, bro.

Dear: South Korea. I’m still exceptionally butt hurt about the blackface thing. Even more so with that wack apology that wasn’t an apology but to show there are no overall hard feelings…


My feelings are very complicated.

One thought on “Shikagoland Reads the Headlines

  1. You know, I try to have SOME respect for any leader of my country. But if Santorum ever got elected, I’d throw that out the window. No high road for me here.

    I cannot respect a leader who does nothing but trash his opponent rather than talking about how he’s actually going to I don’t know, LEAD THE EFFING COUNTRY. And by lead, I don’t mean taking away every right a woman has and going around bragging about my wealth and how privileged I am.

    I usually don’t talk politics. I don’t want to deal with the drama that comes with it. I try not to get involved. But he infuriates me so much. And the level of hate in his heart is scary. He’s like a caricature or something.

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