A rapper and the Pope walk into an awards show…

So…that happened.

The Grammy Awards were held last night in Los Angeles, and as a dedicated pop culture junky there was no way I could miss it.

Because then what else would I tweet about? DUH.

A few of my favorite selections from last night:

Yes, I like the T Swizzle jokes

Last night also produced the trending topic #myinsensitivelynamedcountryband  which gave me much joy and laughter. I simply CANNOT post any of those here, but feel free to peruse them yourselves. Pure. Comedy.

A few more random thoughts:

– Look, I eye-rolled Nicki Minaj as hard as everyone else last night, but lets all put the blame where it belongs: on Lady Gaga and the music buying public. Its not enough to be a marginally talented singer/rapper in cute outfits anymore, apparently. We are all living in the Haus that Gaga built and the only thing on the dinner table is EXTRA.

– I have no interest in Katy Perry in general. I find her generally annoying, especially with the whole “let me release a dozen remixes of my mediocre songs so I can beat MJ’s record”. Really, heffa. Could you not. That said, I really loved her Grammy dress. STUNNING.

– Does Jon Stamos know that he got kicked out of The Beach Boys?

– The Foo Fighters had my favorite performance of the night and even managed to throw a little #shade on the music industry while accepting their award. Whats not to love?


And lastly, as everyone knows, over the weekend we lost one of the greats: Whitney Houston. Like millions of others of a certain age, Whitney Houston looms large in my childhood memories. I sang into countless hairbrushes along to her songs. I have a inexplicable hatred for women named Susan. I used to listen to “I Will Always Love You” and try to time popping my eyes open before the final chorus like she did in the video. Whitney was a trailblazer. She will be sorely missed.

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