Song of the Week

Have I mentioned that I LOVE Spotify*?

I have a premium account and I love being able to be reminded of some song I haven’t heard in ages and going to find it on Spotify. I LOVE their Android app because it has basically freed me from carrying an iPod in addition to my smartphone. Because god knows I don’t have space for it in the gigantic purses I carry….

ANYWAYS, the other really good thing about Spotify is that it lets me figure out whats “new” in the music world without having to listen to the radio. I HATE the radio. And really, radio stations just seem to rotate the same Katy Perry and Nicki Minaj songs over and over in a never ending road trip on the “no talent” highway.


Spotify have these great lists that consist of the Top 100 songs around. You can change the list to Worldwide, Local, or just your favorites (songs you play most often). Yes, these lists contain an almost ridiculous amount of LMFAO (*deep heavy sigh*) but occasionally you find gems. Like this song:

I randomly listened to this song in the office last week and liked the music but didn’t really have the mental space to dissect the lyrics. However, I was listening to Spotify while sorting laundry yesterday and…I ended up listening to this song like 30 times. I’m not kidding. I’m in love. And you should be too. It features very prominently in the kdrama I’m currently writing in my head.

Although the song is slightly ruined for me by the video because I find the guy kinda creepy but…bygones.

* I am not being paid by Spotify. I mean, I pay THEM for goodness sakes. But if they would like to I will gladly sell out. Holla at a sista.

One thought on “Song of the Week

  1. (yeloson/Chris here)
    I tried Spotify normally for a minute and liked how easy it was to look up music. I couldn’t figure out for the life of me how to share playlists though :/ Mostly, these days, I pull mixes from Mixcrate for my music digging.

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